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Ways to recognize a phishing Email

Criminals are targeting victims by pretending to be from BetWarrior, banks, tax authorities, and even government institutions.

There are usually some patterns:

  1. These scams often involve fraudsters telling you to move money into a new account due to a fraud or security issue.
  2. They usually make it sound urgent to pressure you.
  3. They can also have signatures and pictures on the emails to make it look like you’re getting an e-mail from a genuine company, so you need to stay vigilant.

1. BetWarrior will never request you to disclose your password information to access your account.

2. All the e-mails will be sent from addresses ending

3. Never reply or provide any information to an e-mail from general e-mail providers like Google or Hotmail.

If you receive an email and you doubt that it is legitimate, please contact us straight away at to double-check it – it´s better to be safe!  

  • BetWarrior and its partners will never tell you to move your money into a new account or to change your balance or play a specific online sport or casino game.
  • BetWarrior and its partners will never ask for your password to access your account.
  • Please also review our FAQ page about the Accounts Verification Process.

If any of the above is happening to you, it’s likely that you’re being scammed.

We may not be able to recover your money if it leaves your account, so please stop and contact us via the e-mail before you proceed with making any payments, transfers or using your balance money in any way other than on your player account.

For more information, please visit our Terms & Conditions page and help email address

Below you can find one of the scam e-mails we managed to identify. Make note we usually don´t get to know when this is happening unless notified by our customers.