Odds Change Feature

With our odds change feature you can choose one of three options to determine what will happen with your bet in case there is a change in the bet odds while the bet is being placed.

In Live bets, the payout odds will be the one indicated at the time of confirming the bet, regardless of the values of the previous or subsequent odds.

Previously, if there was a change in the odds of a bet while the bet is being finalized (Live countdown), the bet would be rejected. Now, you can choose if you want the system to automatically perform one of the following:

- Don’t accept odds changes

- Accept all odds changes

- Accept higher odds

If you select Don’t accept odds changes, the bet won't be placed if the odds increase or decrease, it will simply be rejected, and you may choose to try again with the new odds if you wish or not place the bet.


If you select Accept all odds changes, the bet will be placed regardless of any change in the odds while the bet is being placed. The odds increasing or decreasing during the bet placement countdown will not affect the placement of the bet as it will be accepted with the latest odds available at the end of the countdown.



Lastly, if you select Accept higher odds, the bet will be placed if the odds remain the same or increase but won’t be accepted if the odds decrease.



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