What is the immediate cashout of a bet and how is it calculated?

The immediate cashout, also known as "Cashout", is a function that allows you to recover money from your bet before the event has finished.

The amount of money you receive will be determined at the time of the immediate cashout and will depend on the odds of your bet winning at that moment; therefore, it could be higher or lower than the initial bet value. You do not have to wait until the match is over to have the money in your account, the immediate cashout is instantaneous and your balance will be updated as soon as you confirm the immediate cashout.

Please note that instant cashout is not guaranteed to be available during the entire event, it is only available on certain events, both pre-match and live, and on single and multi bets.

BetWarrior reserves the right to offer such a feature at its sole discretion and does not accept or assume any liability whatsoever if the "Cash Out" feature is not available. Once you have placed a bet, you will be able to view it in your betting history and check if the bet allows immediate cash-out.


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