While I was playing I lost my internet connection, what happens to the gameplay that was interrupted?

If you have suffered a disconnection when you were playing it is possibly due to problems with the internet connection, if you have connection problems, make sure you don't have an active proxy connection, we also recommend you delete your cache and cookies.

When this happens, if the bet has been accepted by the system, it will still be valid, even if you are not in the game, we recommend logging in again and seeing the history of the game and there you will be able to see if the bet was a win or a loss.

If the bet has not been accepted, the bet amount will be returned to your balance, otherwise, we recommend entering the game again.

For more information on how you can clear your cache, please click here.

If you would like more information on resolving a bet, we will need the details of the bet in question, please go to "I think I have not been correctly paid the reward for my play, how do I check?"


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