How to clear the cache?

We recommend first clearing the cache of your browser, and trying to use another device or another browser.

Please follow the steps mentioned below and then try again to execute the corresponding action:

Via our website:

-Clear your browser's cookies and cache and, if possible, try using another browser or another device.

BetWarrior application on Android:

- First, open the Settings menu on your Android device.

- Swipe down and click on App Manager.

- Scroll down and find the BetWarrior app in the list and click on it.

- Now you can click on the Memory button and finally, click on the Clear Cache button.

BetWarrior app on iOS:

- If no updates are available or the problem persists, try reinstalling the app. First, uninstall the app to remove it from your device. Then download and reinstall it.

Please follow the steps described above.

If after performing the above procedure the error continues, please send us a screenshot so that we can better identify the problem.


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